Kite Building At Gasworks

Published on: 06 Jul 2008 by Anders Conbere

A couple of weeks ago my friend Gregory Heller posted to the Saturday House mailing list, That with the beautiful Seattle weather we've been having lately...

Let's go fly a kite!

This caught my attention for a number of reasons. probably because I've been mildly obsessed with kites for the last few years. You see, about 4 years ago my friend Eina and I decided to try out kite aerial photography. Not really knowing where to start we thought we should try a practice kite first, and with a little searching decided to build a box kite. With no directions with grabbed some supplies from the local craft store in Bellingham and built something that resembled what we saw in the pictures. Surprisingly with very little effort this creation of ours flew fantastically.

So, I set about collecting materials and resources, and got people together to all build this simple box kite Eina and I designed 4 years ago. I spent most of the 4th of July getting set up, and documented the processes on flickr so everyone would know the plan.

This weekend it all came together. We had about 20 people show up at gasworks park Saturday, we had a BBQ, built 13 box kites, flew 15 (I had two of my own), and at some point had as many as 8 kites in the air at once. It was just an incredible day, and other than getting rained out for about 15 minutes the day could not have gone better.

You can see the original hanging out on this bench. And a bunch of great photos of the whole day at Jeffrey Melloy's photo set as well as Kim's

And a huge thanks to Jeffery Melloy for helping me out with a ride, Justin Martenstein for support and supplies, Gregory Heller for running off to get more kite string, and all the rest of the gang in Seattle for showing up and having a blast :)