First Dates

Published on: 06 Jul 2008 by Anders Conbere

I love that weird awkward moment the first time you go on a date with someone. There's a nervous tension in the air, each of you struggling to make the best impression, not to show your cards, demonstrate that wonderful sense of humor your mother always praised you for.

There's been primping and preening an hour before hand, hairs been done, you've brushed your teeth twice. You've gone and put on something nice.

The whole build up of it is amazing, very human. The humanness of it just bleeds out into the surroundings. You can even tell when other people are on their first dates, the quick exchange of cash with the water while the date isn't looking, the excited discussion on things that move you, the things that piss you off.

And then after an evening of fun, flirting, sexual tension, a fleeting touch of fingers, you go to part ways, a hesitant look, a pause and a retreat...

You can't really recreate that experience, where neither of you know each other, where the joy of the experience is simply the exploration of the other person. Where the social expectations of each party are so ambiguous and ill defined that neither party truly knows how to behave.