Python Microformats Parser Released

Published on: 22 Jan 2008 by Anders Conbere

My last post mentioned that I was disappointed in the state of current python microformats parsers, and that I had some plans to fix that. A week or so later, and many iterations I've arrived at something I feel pretty good about. So I'd like to release to the world the

Python Microformat Parser. It's currently capable of parsing xfn, rel="tag", hCard and hCal. There is "support" for hAtom but the xls transform I'm using isn't playing nice.

So I would love for people to checkout the code, find bugs, make changes, etc. I think that in all microformats are a great way of adding data to html, and a good way to get web developers started in creating semantic xml data on the web, but a lack of quality parsers seems to plague at least python, hopefully we can get started on a dialog to resolve that.