SixHourStartup needs a home

Published on: 30 Nov 2007 by Anders Conbere

So I was really thinking about it tonight, and SixHourStartup really needs a home. This isn't a particularly difficult thing to bring about and a lot of the tools already exist. We need a blog to keep people up to date on what's going on, next meetings, and generally a place for the community to talk. We need a project management system to keep track of commits, files bugs, and organize our development around. We need a wiki to keep new ideas in order. We need a calendar to plan releases.

And I think most of this is already out there and available.

Blogs software is a dime a dozen, trac can do wiki and svn integration, so we could probably use some calendar integration and that's about it! So I might start putting this stuff together tonight, it looks like someone already bought, so if that's one of us, let's work on this.